Mitchell Kersch, President

When he was just 12 years old, Mitchell Kersch started working with his father on Saturdays, Sundays, holidays, and during the summer. Today, he is still 100% active in the business, 7 days a week, and is reachable 18 hours a day by email or phone. Mitchell is honored to be able to continue the family business, working alongside his son Jason. He loves creating, teaching, selling, learning, and seeing happy customers during and after their project is complete. Above all, Mitchell is proud to head a company that truly cares about people, provides the highest quality service, and gives back to the community whenever possible.

Jason Kersch, Sales Manager

Jason Kersch started going out on estimates with his father when he was just five years old and has now been working with Major Homes full-time since graduating college. Every day on the job is different, he says, because every customer and project is unique. Jason finds inspiration in the company’s 92-year history of home renovation excellence and customer service. Like his father, his goal is to make sure that every customer gets the utmost attention and every project exceeds expectations.

Russ Peltzman, Project Manager for Windows and Doors

Before taking on his current position as manager, Russ Peltzman installed windows and patio doors for more than 20 years. He has always enjoyed home remodeling, even as a hobby. Major Homes gives clients more than they might get elsewhere, says Russ. Returning a call is something that gets done without expectation. He is proud to work for a company that is passionate about the work it provides and the people it serves.

Budd Shamroth, CR, Sales/Project Manager

A NARI Certified Remodeler and a graduate of SUNY Farmingdale in Architectural Design, Budd Shamroth has been with Major Homes now for more than 15 years. Working with customers as the chief architect, he designs and builds dormers, extensions, basements, kitchens, and bathrooms using computer-aided design software. Budd is proud to work for a top-notch company that provides only quality materials and employs the best workers. He is passionate about design and attributes his history of customer success to his time management skills and ability to troubleshoot problems.

Marlena Pavloff, Office Manager/Bookkeeper/Door Salesperson

Marlena Pavloff began working with Major Homes in 1988. Initially, her days in the office consisted of helping her father, Harold Kersch, with bookkeeping, but eventually she took on a number of additional roles that quickly established her as a dynamic member of the team. Marlena taught herself everything there was to know about doors and started selling them from the office on a regular basis before anyone else in the company. She was also responsible for the full migration of database information to computers and assisted in enabling remote login capabilities, all while other home improvement companies were still doing everything manually. Always on top of day-to-day activities, Marlena sees firsthand how Major Homes goes above and beyond to satisfy every single customer.

Bob Greenfield Senior Project Manager and Estimator

A degree in accounting and a lucrative career as a business owner prior to joining Major Homes laid the foundation for the work Bob Greenfield does today. When asked what has contributed to his success as a salesperson, he strongly believes it began with his education and early experiences with customers, as well as the time he spent as a supply house manager. As a result, Bob has an understanding and appreciation of the many sides that make up the home improvement industry. Every day at Major Homes puts him in contact with people from all over the world and brings with it new challenges that require creative solutions. Proud to work for a professional company that stands by its work, Bob approaches each project with confidence, always assured that his team will be able to fulfill what clients envision for their homes.

Carl DiPresso Home Remodeling Design Specialist

For the last 18 years, Carl DiPresso has been serving the Long Island and Tri-State area in the home remodeling industry. He is a perfectionist when it comes to details, a quality that demands the most exacting work from his team, and his expertise is extensive, including roofing, siding, windows, steel and aluminum, storm doors, and aluminum and Lexan awnings. What Carl likes best about working at Major Homes is that everyone on the staff, without question, genuinely cares about their clients. They are knowledgeable, skillful, good-natured, and committed to providing the highest level of service, from the customer’s initial phone call to the project’s final cleanup. Knowing that he is an integral part of such a dynamic company motivates Carl every day to wake up energized and eager to serve his community with the best products and workmanship that the market has to offer.

Robert Trincellito Designer & Estimator

Robert Trincellito’s desire to pursue a career in design began with his father, a carpenter and cabinet builder, who instilled in him an appreciation for the craft and the dedication it demands. He went on to study architecture, graduated college, and eventually segued into the field of home improvement. Every project reaffirmed Robert’s passion for the very tangible and rewarding aspect of his work. Whether it was a kitchen that needed more countertop space or a house due for a redesign, he knew he was creating what his customers needed and what they would be enjoying for decades and generations to come. For Robert, nothing less than the highest quality work has ever been acceptable, so when he joined Major Homes 14 years ago, he was thrilled to find a team that shared in his commitment and had an impressive track record to prove it. Over the years, this resolve has only strengthened. Robert can speak to a customer with conviction because he knows he is backed by talented professionals whose unwavering goal is to show up on time for every job, do what they promise, and always deliver more than expected.