Computer Imaging

At Major Homes, every project is a collaboration that delivers all the necessary information, inspires complete trust, and guarantees a final product that both craftsmen and homeowner are proud to call their own.

To make such a promise, we need tools that can deliver, and one of the most important ones we have is our advanced computer imaging software.

Full-color, detailed, 3D renderings of the final renovations before construction has even begun ensure that nothing is left to chance. Our experts work with clients to create custom designs that match their specifications and meet their needs. From consultation to installation, we will be with you to ensure a project that exceeds expectations.

Please feel free to browse through our gallery of images below and compare the computer-generated ones to the actual projects. If you are interested in finding out more about what our computer imaging technology can do for you, please call us, email, or simply stop by our showroom to schedule a consultation.

Our showroom is located in Bayside, NY and our main office is in Queens, NY. We offer home remodeling 3D rendering for projects in Nassau County, Suffolk County, Westchester, Fairfield County, Brooklyn, Queens, and the Bronx.