Traditional and quaint, modern and spacious, fun and eclectic. Bathroom makeovers give you the chance to flex your creativity and accentuate the themes present in other areas of your home. The team at Major Homes have also designed and remodeled enough bathrooms to know that one is never like the other. We will work with you to create the bathroom you did not even realize was possible. Our main office is located in Williston Park, NY and our showroom is located in Bayside, Queens, NY.


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What We Do

Custom, in-depth consultations are key when it comes to renovating bathrooms. Our team of experts will guide you through the process and ask the questions that will ensure a design that is as aesthetically on point as it is functional for your family. Experience has also given us the tools to know what materials and techniques can withstand the rigors of time, so the bathroom you cherish in ten years will be the same bathroom you fall in love with today. Still not sure about the design you’ve chosen? Advanced computer imagery will ease any concerns by showing you a 3D model of the final product before our team begins construction.


How We Do It

Like all of our projects, bathroom renovations begin with a thorough gutting of the entire space. We then employ trusted, licensed professionals to run full checks on all electric and plumbing that directly affects your kitchen. Once the area is prepped for construction, we get to work implementing the custom design that you assisted us in creating and approved using our advanced imaging software.

Our people match the quality of our products. Knowledge, attention to detail, skilled craftsmen, and a commitment to quality, hassle-free service are principles that have guided Major Homes since its inception. From consultation to installation, our experts will be with you to ensure a project that exceeds expectations:

– products are recommended based on your needs
– in-depth explanation of the work that will be performed
– in-home product demonstrations with multiple samples
– free no-obligation, in-home estimates

Our staff is composed of skilled mechanics that have trained with us, worked with us, and grown with us. We never use day laborers or outside hires whose work we cannot guarantee. Worried about a mess when the job is done? Don’t be. All debris is carted away upon completion. Never an additional charge.



Contact Major Homes. We serve Nassau County, Suffolk County, Westchester, Fairfield County, Brooklyn, Queens, and the Bronx.  Come visit our showroom in Bayside, Queens, NY to sample our products or call us for a free bathroom renovation estimate today! Our main office is located in Williston Park, NY.