At Major Homes, we like questions. They equip customers with the knowledge they need to make informed decisions, during the installation and through the renovation process. From our salespeople to our craftsmen, in our showroom and at your home, you can trust that everyone at Major Homes is highly trained and attentive to your home remodeling needs. We are leaders in home renovation in Long Island, Westchester and the NYC area.

Before we have even met, we would like to answer some of the questions that you are probably already asking:

Why should I hire Major Homes and not someone else?

Major Homes has been serving the area for over 92 years, family-owned and operated by the third- and fourth-generation, Mitchell and Jason Kersch. We have never been bought or sold, ensuring that the principles that our company was founded on are the principles that remain. We treat our customers like family, not a reference number.  While many companies view profit as the bottom line, our business model has always been to take care of the customer first, and success will follow. We have served over 100,000 satisfied clients, with more than a 90% rate of referrals and repeats.


I have experienced too many winded salespeople and had to listen to them boast about how wonderful they are, yet heard little about our project. What can I expect from a consultation with Major Homes?

The day of the “blue-suede” salesman is long over. The person you invite into your home will demonstrate both courteousness to you and your property and the knowledge to educate you on the best way to go about your project. We will answer all of your questions, offer ideas, and provide you with an honest and up-front estimate.

Do you employ day laborers?

Major Homes has NEVER put a day laborer in the home of our customers and never will. The men and women working in your home are highly skilled and trained mechanics that have spent many years with us. We can promise you quality work because we can guarantee our worker’s expertise.

Who will be running my project?

Major Homes employs one project manager for every department. These managers oversee your project, explain the job to the crew in detail, and make certain that the correct materials are delivered. They are easily accessible should you have any questions or concerns. You can learn more about our mechanics by clicking here.


I take great pride in my home and am reluctant to start this project because I don’t want to be left with a mess. How will you protect my home and everything in it?

All Major Homes employees have been extensively trained to take great care while working in your home. Your floors will be protected and all debris will be removed in a methodical and efficient manner.

What time of year do you work?

Major Homes works all year round, as long as it is comfortable for the mechanics to work and for all materials to cure properly.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept cash, checks, and credit cards. Please call us for details.

Do you have any financing options?

Major Homes is proud to offer more than 20 buying options to all qualified customers. Whether your project is big or small, we have a way to make it fit your budget.

How quickly can we start?

The time frame varies depending on the type of project, but the first step is yours to take! We can often begin in as little as a few days. Call us to schedule an in-home consultation or visit our showroom.

Do you have any references?

Major Homes can provide you with thousands of references from satisfied customers, and ourTestimonial section is a great place to start. We would be pleased to provide you with references in your area upon request.